Brighton – November 2015

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These photos were taken with a Yashica-Mat TLR medium format film camera. The film was Kodak Portra 400. This was a camera that I hadn’t used in a long time. The film had been sitting in a drawer for a few years, it may well have expired.

They’re not great photos, but it’s interesting just how ‘old’ the street scenes appear just through using this camera and film to create them. I guess it’s the tones that have the biggest affect. They have a muted brownish colour to them.








© Nick Eastham 2015

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What is your favourite animal, and why?

For me its mans best friend the humble pooch. My latest shoot took me to a friends house. Kali was her name, first impressions she was a big dog, lots of golden white hair. Placid and friendly, there was also a very friendly brindle Staffy cross who went by the name Max.

Dogs are my favourite for the companionship and love that they give. They also give you frequent exercise, can make you laugh and sometimes cry.


Who lit the lamp that disturbed the Devil?

The Devils Dyke

The place I used to play, that and the surrounding hills, the days before smart phones, laptops and tablets. Building den’s out of stacked bales of hay. Generally making a nuisance of myself, coming home to cold dinner in the oven was the highlight of those days, I’d love to turn the clock back just for a bit.

There is one feature that has stood permanently for as long  I can recall, that’s the brick structure known as the Fort. The pub just over the field has fed and watered me on a few occasions, a nice cold pint after a bike ride on a hot day was just what was needed.

Of course the view commanding and for the first time quite breathtaking you can sit for hours just watching a looking. Family picnics, cuddling couples in the long grass it has it all. Did I mention the Ice Cream van.

But the main reason and the biggest of pulls to the Dyke is the valley, this is where folklore and tale play a cool twist on things. Its been said that the devil began to carve out the valley to drown the residents of the Sussex/Weald, only to be disturbed by a chicken, which led to the devil thinking it was morning…The story has many differences. But when you walk to the bottom your greeted with an old spring. Then a gate that runs down to field. The walk back up is true to its word, as if the devil had indeed dug it out. Its a mission for strong legs but well worth the effort.

So, who lit the lamp the disturbed the Devil? guess we will never know. If you have never been I urge you to go, take a picnic and walk to the bottom. Grab a pint on the way back.

DSC_1436 DSC_1438 DSC_1440 DSC_1441 DSC_1445 DSC_1446 DSC_1450 DSC_1455 DSC_1456 DSC_1457 DSC_1486 DSC_1487 DSC_1491 DSC_1492 DSC_1494 DSC_1495 DSC_1496 DSC_1497 DSC_1498 DSC_1502 DSC_1507 DSC_1509 DSC_2214 DSC_2215 DSC_2216 DSC_2219 DSC_2226


It rises it lowers.

The tide that is,

A body of water that is contained to harbour boats and fishing vessels. Is that not what a Marina is for?  Brighton Marina is that and more, born from the seabed that has slowly risen (but surely) to its ever expanding concrete village.

Supermarkets, Restaurants, Takeaways and a Casino plus many more shops. The most impressive part I think is the arms that pull out and protect the inner workings, Waves crash 3 maybe 4 times the height cascading down onto the calmer waters below. One arm is shorter than the other. The longest reaches out for a good walk, with opened sea views and plenty of local fisherman.

The main entrance though is not to be overlooked, a huge concrete bridge like structure something out of 1970’s industry. This links onto the Car park which holds a car boot sale on the top level. A cinema sits inside the bowels, adjacent is a Gym and a Bowling alley. Popular and thriving.

I like the Marina, the seagulls and the fisherman.



Who likes to escape?

Escape from what? Daily life? From the desktop? Escaping too? Sun drenched beach in the Costa Del Sol maybe, or a cooler place like Blackpool or Scunthorpe?

Wherever we escape too we need that little R&R time. Its vital to our souls, to connect with ourselves and families. I have a few places I go locally. Fortunately I’m lucky enough that I have the South downs practically on my door step, so for bit of fresh air and peace and quiet it really isn’t that far away.

I go far enough that I can breath but not to far away that I cant see what grounds me. I can’t see myself living far from the coast, after all its been my home for the last 38 years. The Storms that whip the channel up onto the hills can be quite cleansing. Once the wind settles and calmer weather returns, it freshens things up for a time.

Take a look at these photos and think of the escape that you need! Perhaps pay it a visit! Then ask yourself, who likes to escape?

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Best regards, Trev.

DSC_0478 DSC_0480 DSC_0485 DSC_0490 DSC_0495 DSC_0497 DSC_0502 DSC_0516


A ruined ruin.

Once the busiest pier of Brighton, saw some of the wildest weather the seafront could offer. skip forward a few years and its left to the sea. The Grand lady no more her shell stripped and Sea, wind and can remember the fire. It now rests waiting for the final dance. This shoot was an eerie overcast day, but threw up some misty sea and sky exposure’s, Just right for that Mono classic look.

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The Big Storm

If you remember we had some strong winds a few months back, of course nothing like the Great Storm. But it was a day that had to be captured. I later found out that a photographer from a group we both use was sharing the afternoon with me. I took the trouble to venture out the next day to capture the surfers, I miss the days I used to surf. Perhaps one day I’ll take it back up, but if truth to be told I’d rather shoot with my camera. My memories are secured with a simple click.